Hobbies to Happiness !!

What makes me happy is question thats not simply answered with one reply. I think the things we tend to do the most or for fun are what makes us ultimately the most happy. I feel theres many things that contribute to my happiness, but i tried to summarize and categorize it by two little Gifs sections below.

Music is my passion. Its what I major in and something i’ve been doing forever. I sing, rap, play piano as well as drums. I teach music as well as audio engineer. I feel like music is the universe language and important. I find myself creating a lot and it makes me happy seeing the progress and my thoughts come to life.


I love sports of all kind. When i was younger i was on just about every kind of team you can think of basketball being my favorite. Although i never had the height or dream to be a basketball player its something i still do almost every week. Boxing is also something i enjoy watching and training in.

I just felt these two things describe me the most and make me the most happy, i even had fun while making the post. Enjoy !!

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