DS106 assignments that I would want to do

I am a CT major and I plan on writing, producing and directing my own tv shows, so while scrolling through the DS106 assignments i’ve seen a few assignments I would be interested in doing to challenge my creativity.

Even though I want to be a writer, I don’t write enough, which I’m sure isn’t too hard to believe (lol) One of the DS106 writing assignments was to create a superhero and generate a background for it and a superpower, etc. I think that would be so fun to write and I do think I can come up with something fun and weird for my future superhero . Another assignment on the DS106 site I would like to do is the “Double Vision: being in two places at once” project. A lot of actors and comedians like Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Tyler Perry has done skits as different characters and had them in the same scene at the same time, this technique is also widely used amongst social media entertainers and I always was interested in learning how to put a scene like that together. I am sure a lot of editing is involved which I am pretty familiar with the concept of editing but I am still on the baby level of editing. I am not familiar with shooting scenes so I would have to learn the main part of the project (lol) “getting the footage and shooting” but I am willing to do so.





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