CAN I DO IT! – Yadwinder Singh

The project I feel I can do easily is  animal translation because it is all dependent on my funny and timing. I chose this because I know the techniques in order to make such a video and I want to see what can I do with it. This skill is important because most internet videos involve animals and add funny to the cuteness seem to be a powerful entanglement.

The project I would love to tackle that I have no clue how to yet is Noir in the movie . I chose this because it seems very challenge and I would have to play a character and I need to learn how to act which I can not yet. I would have to write dialogue and create a scene, both I don’t know how to do. I would need to watch some noir films to get ready to tackle this project. I feel like I should doing projects like this once a month due to the fact it challenges you to try to make something you will never make.



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