Thoughts About Future Assignments!

The first assignment i chose was the “Contradiction Creation”, i deemed this as one i think i can learn to do. The assignment seems pretty straightforward, and is basically meme making so i dont think i’d need to do alot of these projects. I like this because combining the contradictory phrases and images reminds me of sarcasm which i use a lot, daily. In order to do this assignment i think you just need creativity yet precision. Creativity will actually add to the contradiction whereas without precisely pairing 2 things that actually contradict the post can become  a miss. I think these skills are important because creativity is obviously needed in anything media/ storytelling related but precision keeps that creativity clean at the same time.

The second assignment i chose, was one that seemed some what harder , this was the “one- story four icons”. I chose this one because although it looks simple it can lead to the creation of a powerful message. Also this one reminds me of those picture game apps where you get four pics and you have to guess the word. Although this may seem quite simple , finding just the right pictures to tell a “story” can be challenging. I think doing a few of these projects could be good for skill building and storytelling skills. This goal of this project is to basically tell a story in very few symbols, in everyday life its hard enough/ impossible to tell a story in one sentence. Aiming to tell a story with 4 icons ensures your precision in getting down to the point, which is a skill needed for storytelling.



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