Today we used photoshop and it was very interesting. I have never used photoshop before and feel like i can use this software for a lot of reason. So I use to have a husky until she got too big for my house and ever since I’ve always wanted another husky and have been obsessed with them. I will get another husky its just a matter of time now. When trying to upload this image i did have a little difficulty so i had to upload the GIF to imgur.

3 thoughts on “Photoshop”

    1. No the GIF wasn’t animating. I took the GIF from the desktop where i saved it to and placed it into safari and it opened with the animation. Once i posted it, thats when it didn’t animate

      1. You can upload your photo onto the blog and then press on the photo, click the pencil icon, and change the size to full size then save it. That should help with the animation issue. It did for me! let me know if it works.

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