Class Reaction

This class to me is something fresh and intriguing to me because I have an undeclared major and this one maybe it.

I wasn’t able to go to my last class because my neighbor needed to go to the hospital emergency, he had no contacts and he lived by himself, so I helped my mom and him to get to the hospital. Other than that, I love how this is a hybrid class and I get the gist of what you guys covered when I missed out. I can’t wait for other classes even though it’s a 10 am class, haha.

I think one of my projects for this class is either dance classes comparisons or something with food. These two I have easy access to and enjoy making time for them, it’s something I’d  like to write about and inform people to know.

2 thoughts on “Class Reaction”

  1. Great! So, Which Class Reaction is this? Titles are super important, otherwise these posts can get lost in the stream, let us know which assignment this is in particular. You can edit the title in your post. thanks!

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