Decisions… Decisions…

Last week, I didn’t get to work with a partner and discuss the different media types and projects we are interested in because of how slow the internet was. The website was crashing and barely anyone was able to get through. Nevertheless, I browsed through the sites and picked out some stuff that appealed to me.

For the first project, I would really love to do the A-Z Photo Collage

I picked this from the DS106 Assignment Bank. I am a big fan of photo collages and photography so this interested me. Also, the A-Z aspect of it seemed like a fun challenge as well. For this project, I would have to make an alphabetically themed collage and compile images to represent each letter of the alphabet within a chosen subject area or theme.

I don’t think I need to learn any specific storytelling skills to do this assignment unless Im going to complete it in a different way than it asks to. I do think however, that we should be doing these kinds of projects maybe once or twice every few weeks. They seem fun and could be a challenge. In addition to that, this assignment can be done in so many different ways so it would be interesting how everyone interprets it differently.

For the second project however, I chose something entirely different from the first. I picked an assignment that allows an individual to Create Their Own Story Line . To do this assignment, I could pick any secret agent and create an alternate story line for that character. I decided to pick this assignment because it can help take my writing skills to a new level. It also allows you to create a story line that is completely different and doesn’t exist so this gives me full creativity. Since this is a storytelling class, I decided this would be fitting. It will also allow me to brush up on my writing skills which are important on a daily basis.



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