Interested to learn

This assignment is thoughtful and interesting assignment. When I have visited the daily create website and DS106 assignment repository website, I amazed by the creation that other people have already made. I started to look for the assignment that interested me and I found a bunch of them

Sticky note animation: 

As I want to be a math teacher, learning this sticky note animation can help me to gather the students’ attention and teach them some basic concepts using the magic of technology and some sticky notes. The other reason I want to learn this because it is cool! I am assuming I can make this animation by using Photoshop and But, I am looking for some easier way to do it.

Movie mashup:

I like to watch movies. My favorite genre for movies are detective, thriller, Disney and so on. It will be really interesting if I can create movie mashup of my favorite movies. I am thinking about doing the same for my favorite TV series. But, I have no idea what software I can use to make movie mashups. Please suggest me some videos or websites that will help me to learn to make my own movie mashups.

What is on your toast?

This toast was a creative piece of art. I am really interested in learning this work. I think I need to learn Photoshop in order to create something like it.

Typography photo image: 

This is a very common piece of art in the sense that we can people are using them everywhere for example, in schools, in different business institutions, medical field and so on. But, I did not know how to make one. I am trying to find some online typography generator to make something like that.

Favorite movie quote:

I know there are many ways of doing this kind of favorite movie quote assignment. I am planning to do one for my next posts.

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