Making Me Happy !

Hey everyone!  I’m obviously doing this post for an assignment but I also would like to use this post to remind people that if they are not doing what makes them happy in every single moment of their life, they should stop whatever they are doing now and make their lives the greatest experience possible. :D… now I know it’s way easier said than done. Everyone will have tough moments in life but we don’t have to let those negative moments control how awesome our lives could be! to make my life the best that I could possibly make it, I simply do things that make me happy or that just affect me in a neutral or positive way.

Here are a few things that bring positivity to my life!


staring at the sky at night. did you guys see the moon last night?! it was so full and bright. when I see the moon, it puts me in a trance. I could stare at it forever!

Music. I play the violin. I won’t talk about it a lot here because it’s a complex subject for me and I guess that’s for another post.



Books. My friend lent me this book called A Little Life. I like it so far. I just wish I had more time to read it.




And lastly, Occasional (definitely not joking when I say this) human interaction! Sometimes (definitely not all the time) I like meeting people and learning about people and their stories that keep them driven to achieve their goals!


Your life is yours to control. Do the best you can to experience things you like!

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