Experience and expectation from CT101

I am a mathematics education major. Most of my mathematics and education classes are well-structured.  According to math and education classes, the definition of well-structured is, I have a syllabus from each class during the first day which has the name of distinct textbooks and has different numbers of homework, assignments, quiz, and exams based on certain topics. Before entering CT 101 class, I was expecting the same from this class. But, when the professor explained the course materials on the first day of the class, I was excited, anxious and confused at the same time. I was excited because most of the assignments in this course will be done based on my choice and preference. So, I will experience the autonomy of learning in this class.

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I was anxious because I do not have any exact manual on my hand to follow in order to complete my preferable assignments.

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I was confused because through the internet I have the access to thousands of resources but I really do not know which one will be the credible resources for me to use.

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From one of my education courses, I have learned that students are willing to work the most when they feel that they have the control of learning in their own hand. I think this class will be a great example for me to experience this idea. I am looking forward to this course and this new research based learning experience

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