My Ultimate Fear (My first GIF!)

Hi guys,  let me introduce you to one of the few things I am afraid of 🙁

Do you see these cute little things here? they are super adorable. there are tons of raccoons in my neighborhood and they come out every night. As cute as they may seem, make sure you keep your distance because they always have a secret agenda focused on your demise.

see how creepy that is? These guys have it out for us… I’m telling you.

The other night I was walking home and I saw two huge raccoons. After knowing what they are capable of, I was literally afraid to go to my house I was like:

no joke, I was so afraid that I ended up walking all the way back down my block. I was that afraid. I did not have the courage to even stay on my block so I ended up calling a relative to come meet me at the corner of my block to walk me into my house 🙁

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