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I am so excited to post this some place that people will see it! I love this show I just started watching, that my sister recommended and it is SO my kind of comedy. Its about this girl named Issa and you follow her and her ghetto fabulous friend Molly around in their day to day lives. The things they go through are so funny and so relatable. The GIF I made was from episode one season one, its when Issa and Molly are having dinner and Molly is telling Issa about the guy she was sleeping with, the guy and Molly had already been on five dates and they were constantly calling and texting each other. Then the guy decided one day that he just wasnt interested in her so he “broke-up” with her through text. He sent her a sad face after and Issa was in denial that it happened…

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By AshleyBrown92

I am 24 years old and this is the latter part of my junior year at York College CUNY. I am not really a social person when you first meet me, but i've been told i'm awesome once i'm comfortable enough around you to open up and be me. I'm very silly, love music, and I love to read and write stories about romance, thrillers and fantasy.

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