Making Me Happy Post

Hello, Everyone So I’m up pretty late with a head scarf on trying to think what makes me happy & the first thing that comes to mind is my HAIR. Yes My family, friends and loved ones are irreplaceable, But im currently loving my hair more than ever. As a young black woman i’ve always been told “your hair is your crown” and now that im fully natural i truly walk around feeling that saying run thru my veins. I find myself watching youtube videos on natural hair all the time and thinking of new styles to add to my “crown”. This week and all the weeks and months leading up to this year, YouTube has helped me With LOVING ALL MY KINKS AND COILS. My hair Represents Me & who I am. These youtube videos have helped me PROUDLY Rock My AfroPuffS&Curls As My Beautiful crown!
My Bestfriend Also went natural over a year ago & I have a few other best friends who have been natural for 3 or 4 years. Since Natural hair means so much to me & my bestfriend recently started her youtube I’ve been really excited and happy about that. With that being said i  decided my first GIF should obviously be her. This GIF represents something most natural women experience, on wash day when we’re trying to define our curls, we do massive head shakes to get our curls POPPIN !!

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