My First Gif

Hi Everyone,

The first week of class was very interesting. Im excited to learn new things because I’ve never taken a class like this before. The assignments and overall introduction to the class gives me the impression that not only am I going to learn, but I’m going to have fun doing so as well.

I personally love GIFs. They make me laugh and I use them all the time when texting my friends and family. I’ve never made my own GIF, only used ones I see online so it was fun to make my own and finally know how everyone else does it. I love this!

It was really hard for me at first to figure out what I wanted my GIF to be. Over this weekend, I watched an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and it inspired me to make this GIF. It’s was one of my favorite shows as a child and still is. Who doesn’t love it when class gets cancelled? Plus, the Carlton is pretty iconic!

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My second GIF is for everyone out there who’s weekend went by too quickly. It’s always a sad moment.

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