Terminator and Chill


I wanted to share with you guys my favorite movie of all time, Terminator 2!  When I would watch this movie as a kid, I was amazed at the action and visual effects going on in the movie, it’s what kept me glued to the TV.

Under my skin

I watched this movie again a few weeks ago.  The visual effects and action scenes were way ahead of their time for a movie from 1991. I love the story line too.

Guns and Roses

T1000 Track Star

Rough day

Get in

What stays with me the most about this movie now is how loyal the terminator was to John Connor.  I guess as we grow mature and wise, we recognize the importance of loyalty and other kind human qualities which are becoming less common.

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  1. I liked Terminator 2 as well! I watched it as a child and its a classic to me! It’s one of those throwback movies that I can watch more than once.

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