6,7,8 making me happy

6,7,8 is always what a dancer hears before executing their moves.What makes me happy on the internet is anything Dance related. I’ve been dancing around for 10 years and by using bloggers like steezy or youtube dance videos I get to see other people’s artwork and be inspired. My main genre of dance is hip-hop but I’ve also done other genres like ballet, jazz, tap, and modern.

One thing that really helped me today was looking at this website called steezy and it basically talks about all the pros and cons of being a dancer, mostly tips.

How To Balance Your School And Dance Life

Since in the dance industry or community, it’s REALLY hard to balance school and dance life because of the high demands. I remember I used to have dance practices till 2 am and having to wake up @7 for a 8 am lab class the next day.

Oh, I also compete.

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