Final Days in CT101

This year has been one of finding new things, learning more about the wrold, and seeing what I could do when I went into something new. I really enjoyed my time here in CT101, and I was able to gain more experience in programs that I wouldn’t have touched beforehand. I came into this class looking to make GIFs and videos so I can put them on the internet for others to see, and I got what I came for and more. I enjoyed making GIFs, videos, and Net Art, even during times where I had problems getting them to work, or when I was just procrastinating.

I feel that the most frustrating part I learned to do was the Net Art: as shown by “Prospector Walking into the Internet”. I felt that, even if it took a lot of time to fully develop, it is one of the posts I am most proud of. I am also proud of posts like : “Typography Exercise”, “What Makes Me Happy: Tokusatsu”, “Flexibility in Storytelling: A Narrative through Images”, and “My First Website”. I feel that these posts really showed a different side of myself that I don’t show often.

I want to keep my website open, and do more works with it. I want to do more with Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro, and make more videos, better videos even. I also want to start work with After Effects, because it’s a form of animation that I am unfamiliar with. I have even started showing an interest in pixel art, and want to try my hand at that. I will also keep other aspects of my original idea for the website, such as posting reviews and fanfiction that I would write. I’m happy that I got to join this class as it brought out a more creative side of me, and I hope I can continue it in the near future. A big thanks to my fellow students who always kept me in high spirits, and a big thank you to Ryan, who helped motivate me through some difficult animations, and helping me out with the Net Art. Thank You all and have a fantastic Summer!

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