So Long, Farewell CT 101!

As I stated in my first post,  Back To School After Winter Break Blues: I Wasn’t Ready, my goal for CT 101 was to explore more of my creative side.  So did I achieve my goal?

  • Commenting/Critiquing:Well, I think I achieve some of my goals but I wish I could have been more active when it came to commenting on others’ websites.  My excuse: I have 6 classes, so trying to spending at least 4-5 hours a week on a website was very hard. (Even though, I’m somewhat engaging with others in online conservation about my work, I would barley comment on other classmates’ work ) My plan this summer is to actually look some of my classmates’ sites and engage in online conservation.
  • Blogging: As you all know, my website is supposed to be geared towards black beauty, yet I only have 4/10 posts that actually pertain to the purpose of the blog.  I’m not sure either I should sulk or be happy about it. Sometimes, it’s good to discuss things other than beauty. But at the same time, I wanted my blog to  follow a clear objective,
  • Digital Storytelling Projects: I tried my best to complete assignments of four different media throughout the semester. Post such as Flexibility in StoryTelling: Diversity for Black Women and  Creating Magic With Photoshop for Amateurs!, I feel encompasses the different types of media. I loved  Creating Magic With Photoshop for Amateurs! because this was my first interaction with Photoshop. In my post such as My First Impressions + Review: Juvia’s Place The Saharan Palette , I really incorporated things such as visual audio (Youtube) and using pictures and gifs to explain my love for the Saharan Palette.

Overall I love this class and I thank Ryan for his guidance throughout my class experience in CT 101. If I was re do my undergraduate year again, I would definitely been a CT minor.

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