Its been a pleasure guys and Prof Ryan thanks for being Awsome

My website : Hunain Arshad  This is my first website that i created personally. I always thought creating a website requires coding on complicated platforms.  But anybody can create a detailed website with the help of WordPress.  Around 50% of this figure (close to 37 million) is hosted on the free In the realm of self-hosted sites, WordPress accounts for 18.9% of all websites

Hunain Arshad   was created for CT101 Digital storytelling class. I used to share tons of videos on facebook and some friends started complaining about the amount of videos and infomration i post on facebook.  To make sure my friends are not annoyed of me anymore i changed the setting to share “only me ”  i share the posts to refer back to them if i need them.

So I found a useful purpose of my website as soon as i created it,i started sharing videos and information on my own website without bothering anybody lol.

I went through many themes on my website by i found the one currently applied to my website to be the best one. I am going to change the black background and update the header image with an actual image of our galaxy that i took with my camera.

Future use of my Website:  After the finals i will redo my website entirely. I plan on using my website to share my work of astrophotography, time-lapse videos and cinematic videos that i create using my Drone.

Photoshop is a big part of my future work and projects. Ct 101 really helped me learn the basics and capabilities of Photoshop and i am very impressed. I have already purchased the Adobe photoshop package.  they give great discount to students so it will cost you $20 a month with an annual commitment. So take advantage of it plus you get access to all their apps plus the mobile version of all apps.

I will remove some categories from my website such as


Because i just want my work on my website. Nothing that distract the visitors. Its going to be focused on videos and cinematography. I think you just get better at what you do when you share the knowldage so i do plan on adding tutorials put it on youtube and link to my website. After all if Mark gee my favorite astrophotographer didn’t post tutorials how would’ve i learned? So its like i am repaying the debt by teaching others and acknowladgeing  Mark gee’s work as much as i can.

Below is my header image and welcome page.

The about page will be redone and re-written.


I created this website as part of my class project. But after my first blog post I realized i have a platform to share my ideas and things that interest me. I update my website weekly with new contents so stay tuned.

Bottom Line: 

i realized that my website need lots of improvement.  Less clutter, a better theme, better background color, and a link to my social media profiles.

I hate goodbyes:  Until next time. Enjoy your life




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