Week 7 blog

So the class this week got cancelled because of the snow and although I like snow a lot but the class getting cancelled was a buzz kill. Basically this class is one of my two favorite class this semester. The reason for this is because unlike all the other classes this class always introduces all the students with new creative things to do. The things that we do are always done on the internet which is a very interesting platform for me. I consider the internet a very powerful tool, It can provide us with an endless amount information and other cool stuff for example gif’s and videos and many more. Another reason that I want to attend this class is because this class meets only one day a week so only a handful amount of things can be done in that time.

Anyhow, back to the snowy weather. Since childhood I loved snowy day, making a snowman (as much can be done) to a snow angel were my favorite things to do. But as I grew older those things weren’t so fun to do anymore because whenever it snows now I have to do the shoveling in front of my house and after doing all this I don’t really feel like enjoying the weather or even going out.

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