I’ve decided to post my “final days” blog post onto CT101 instead of my personal site because this is the platform where it all started in the beginning of this amazingly fun semester. I’ve missed a couple of weeks of class due to family issues causing me to leave the country but I bounced right back into action. I’ve created a few gifs and even finally learned some tricks using photoshop! And with the help of prof Michael Branson Smith Was even able to create my own web site

At first I really did’t know what I wanted my site to be for, and just shortly after creating my site is when I had to leave the country. While away I realized the best thing I could do is make a platform for people to come together and express themselves in a creative way, and just having fun using my site. The reason why I named my site experimentsixtwosix is because I was born on June 26th and one of my favorite childhood characters its stitch who I feel like we share alot of the same characteristics which will also be shown on my site. Creative, outgoing and family oriented in my goal for my site because the artistic world to me is just one big extended family.

I’ve decided to Use this GIF below because it was one of my first and favorites. The reason being is because it was my only gif that I’ve created and posted not only on the class and personal site but also on others and I received feedback and I’ve seen it float around social media which made me feel really proud of my work!


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