Blog Post: Trains, Subways, and the LIRR

Allow me to let you all in on a little secret of mine: I like trains. Honestly, if you want to travel out of town and want to take a load off while doing so, take a train. I always like sitting near a window, looking from above at all the towns that we pass on our trips. It’s like I’m riding off in a metal chariot, high in the sky. It’s also pretty good for getting a quick nap in. Seriously, in 2015 I went to an Information Technology certification course for four months in the Bronx and traveled back and forth from my home in Long Island to there every day. The naps helped greatly. My favorite train line is the Long Island Railroad, or LIRR, cause it gets me from home to Manhattan in less than an hour. Long story short, trains are great and you should take a ride on one today!

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