I have been into Videography for some time now.  I wouldn’t categorize my self as a Vlogger because i am more interested in creating cinematic videos of landscape, busy cities. Time lapse, Hyper lapse videos. I shot lots of footage but none of them are good enough for the internet at least in my point view. I own a Sony A7s II which is a very powerful camera specially for night time videography and i found another perfect way to use my camera which is Astrophotography. It requires lots and lots of patience and some serious skills. All i got is patience. Let me first show you some samples of astrophotography By Mark Gee who is an award winning astrophotographer.

check out Mark gee mesmerizing videos. 

But i am way more psyched about filming the milky way. Its not an easy task, i have to find a spot with no light pollution,i can only film the milky way during the new moon, and my camera setup has to be perfect in order to get good quality time lapse footage of our Galaxy.

Heres an example of Time lapse footage of milky way.


In order to shoot this i would have to travel to a place with no light pollution which is not possible in NYC. A wild idea is to go to Montauk point in long island take a boat 30-40 miles from the shore and i might hit the jackpot. LOL

Well guys wish me luck and when ever i succeed in this project of mine i promise i will come back here on and share my experience with you.



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