My reaction after Thursday’s Disability Awareness Celebration

First of all when I was there, I was really excited that everything was being setup before the event began, and then when it turned to 12 pm, I was wondering why didnt the event get started yet, but still the whole event went really smoothly, and I was nervous as well, because this was the first time where I had to sing in front of a big group of audience, and I was so happy after hearing the first performance, and then it was my turn, I did fine, but I couldn’t keep up with the lyrics, because there was someone else singing as well, and finally when it came towards my final performance, I was getting really excited and pumped, and I just have to say from hearing from many students, and friends, I know that I did an awesome job, it was so good that the president of the Helping Hands Club decided to sing with me as well as other group of people.  I am so happy that everyone enjoyed my performances that I told them that I will be back  in May 11 for another awesome thrilling performance.  Overall I really did enjoy all of the performances, and it really was a great day at the end of the day.

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