My First Website

Well, I’ve actually made a website. Never thought I’d actually get to this point, but here I am. It’s an odd feeling; happy, but odd. Happy because, hey, I’ve got something of my own that, with help from the professor, I’ve made myself. Odd, because…

I don’t know what to do next. Should I put up some posts based on The Daily Create? Should I start using GIMP? Should I even start making something like Pixel Art? Well, the choices are mine and mine alone. In fact, I have had my eye on trying Pixel Art for myself. Heck, let’s go a bit further; I can put anything I want on there for the world to see, which I will… but it still needs work done. Not only that, there is one last post I want to make on this blog before I transition fully to my website, so that will be my priority in the coming week after I finish all the work I have. Until then, you can find me at

Be Seeing You!

2 thoughts on “My First Website”

    1. Thank you. For now, I only have one specific fandom that I will write about in the future. Have you heard of a game called Chrono Cross? That’s going to be my first fandom to write about. Nothing too crazy, mainly a small retelling of the game’s events with a more comedic bend, and an attempt to patch over some plot holes. Thing is, I need to play the game for myself first, just to get the material I need.

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