Student life.

Personally I think being a student can be crucial at times. Especially when you have you are a full-time student and a full-time worker to support yourself. However, facing these types time of obstacles during student life can make us strong as individuals. Life can be harsh to us sometimes but it’s our responsibility to pick ourselves up and carry on with our life as if nothing happen. Yesterday I pulled a 15 hour shift and now I am running on 3 hours of sleep. It might sound corny but I am happy to be in my class. Since I switched my major from nursing to CT I have never been this happy. I am always eager to learn new techniques with wordpress and coding. Moral of this blog is, if you are passionate or happy with whatever you are doing or trying to do near future, no hardship of your life can make you weak. Be strong keep your head up and conquer the God damn world!

2 thoughts on “Student life.”

  1. I can understand your situation, just recently I faced a situation like this and it wasn’t easy for me too. Hope that you can successfully work out everything.

  2. Lets add a meme or a reaction GIF to give the view / reader of this post some illustration along with the written sentiment.

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