Winter Strom Stella!!!!❄️❄️

Well idk about you guys but winter Storm Stella was a huge disappointment for me. Why?  because that rain after 12PM on Tuesday just made everything worst.  I can handle Snow storms, blizzards but i cannot handle Sleet. Its always a pain to clean my driveway and sidewalk after snow storms and it wasn’t easy this time either.

honestly these trucks should be considerate of other people. Every time i clean my driveway the sanitation truck puts all the snow right in front of my driveway and block everything again. 😡

Thats not cool Amtrak even though its not your fault but still not cool!!!!!

Video Credits:Weather channel



2 thoughts on “Winter Strom Stella!!!!❄️❄️”

  1. I absolutely agree with you, I am so sorry to hear what you had to go through last Tuesday, I hope you are in a better condition, and I am hoping this doesnt happen to you again

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