Learning How to Customize My WordPress Website

To be very honest, today’s class was very interesting, and also very challenging and confusing at the same time Therefore it was Not A Laughing MATTER.

The class was interesting because had to we pick up from where we left off last week, by continuing the process of Picking a Domain Name, Getting a Web hosting Account, and Installing WordPress while those that had already done that began to explore how to customize their already registered websites. But it was very challenging because I spent almost the entire class trying to figure out how to customize the appearance of my website and how to create and manage the custom MENU on my new website.

I am still far from really figuring out how to do this, but I believe with the help of tutorials and videos such as WordPress: How To Set Up Menus And Navigation and another one such as How To Customize WordPress Theme, I believe I will be able to learn some things and possibly be able to get my website Theme and Navigation Menus done. www.IkemefunaNwabueze.com is still a work in progress.

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