Is it summer yet?!

I just want to say If you know how to shovel snow your talented because when ever I try I really look like the picture above. Does anyone else feel like winter has been around too long!? It feels like it hasn’t been a season more like year round , NYC looks so ugly with all the snow  🙁 . As funny as this sounds I feel like I am a happier person during the summer . I feel like a lizard right now my skin is very unhappy!

This is my first winter driving in the snow and I had a scary experience. I was on my way to school and I took the normal shortcut that I usually take but since it was a main road no one had cleaned the streets yet. So , of course my car got stuck ! people are just walking past my car while my car is making this really loud noise as I am continuously pressing on the gas trying to get it out. After a few minuets of this going on a nice man came over asking if I wanted him to try to push the pack while I kept pressing on the pedal. This worked and I actually still got to school on time ! I really need summer to come already ! #nycfroze

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