Creating a WordPress Account and Coming Up With a Domain Name

When I read that we had to make our own WordPress account I was fairly excited. I had been meaning to make a blog to post up articles that I have written and will write for a while but had never gotten around to doing so. Also since I am taking the Intro to Online Journalism course, where creating a blog of sorts is a requirement, it is great that I will be able to learn how to use WordPress in CT101.

What I wasn’t expecting when creating the WordPress account was being able to get the paid version for free. I had thought that we were just going to use the free version of the site. I am glad that we are using the paid one as I have heard that it has significantly more features available then the free version.

As for my Domain name, for me coming up with the name was fairly easy. I simply took the first four letter from my first name then took the last four letters from my middle name and combined them. Luckily that name was available as if it wasn’t I am not quite sure I would have been able to come up with an alternative name I would have been completely satisfied with.

When I was signing up I did have a little bit of an issue as they weren’t accepting any of the emails I put in. However, when I emailed them about my problem they got back to me in about twenty to thirty minutes and told me that they had fixed the problem and that I could try again. I was surprised with how quick they were to get back to me and fix the problem as with other sites it would take them to either the end of the day or the next couple of days to get back, so I am glad that they have speedy and helpful customer service.

I look forward to using WordPress in this class!

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