Fast and Furious……………….!!

Adventure is inherent in many of us. Some of us more so than others, but all of us are seeking some sort of adventure in one way or another.  Some of us seek it through our careers, jobs, relationships, and others seek it though travel, meeting new people and trying new things.

In the world we are running so fast and our ages too. when I close my eyes I can remember my  childhood,teenage and travel from birthplace to USA. Life events are going fast, so fast!! we may call it seconds, minutes,hours, days,months and years….!! However,  As time is going on, we learn new things. I feel thrilled, confident  during making new blog posts.

Digital Story Telling is a platform where we can explore and exchange our views. There are no  limits here to make adventure. Anyone can show  their own creativity. It’s  like  an Adventurous travel  activity which will stick with for life.

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