My First WordPress Site

Only a few hours ago, I was a complete novice to WordPress, But two hours later I just got my very first self-titled WordPress website up and running.

Today we learned how to search for a domain name, register a domain, sign up for hosting with a web hosting company and now I can boldly say that I am officially a web designer.

I find WordPress easy-to-use, powerful, and very flexible. My next step is to fully create and build my new site, and also learn how to maintain it such as customize my theme, choose great fonts and install some great plug-ins.

The class was very interesting, and I look forward to the next few weeks when I will be able to build upon what I learned today.

One thought on “My First WordPress Site”

  1. What an awesome post, and it is very great that you find WordPress very easy to use, and flexible, keep it up, and I really cant wait to see more of your posts later

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