Animated Cartoon And Our Entertainment…….!!

Cartoons are one of the most effective means of communication we have. Does this sound acceptable? It is true that Cartoon can convey a message far more quickly than a written notice. 

Using cartoons as motivational tools or in presentations will encourage the audience to warm to you as a speaker too . Sometimes the “feel-good factor” of cartoons used in presentations can help you in a different way.

Cartoons also have our childhood associations with humor, happiness, and fun, and can serve to relax an audience in a potentially dull or tense meting.

The skill of the effective cartoonist is not simply the ability to draw well. it is the ability to distill an idea, or a joke, into an few short word and images.Cartoons will use the power of observational comedy, which can help you illustrate more the narrative of talk.

3 thoughts on “Animated Cartoon And Our Entertainment…….!!”

  1. I agree with Sadat! Great post, nice use of GIFs, embedding them and telling a story. These cartoons are specific, what do they mean to you? Are they favorites? Tell us why you like them particularly. 🙂

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