A Domain Name You Say…

Today in class Prof. Ryan introduced the class to this week’s assignment Picking a Domain Name, Getting a Web hosting Account, and Installing WordPress. At first, I was excited being that I was always interested in making my own personal website. However, that excitement sure enough turned into frustration when I had to select a domain name. What tops it off is that Prof. Ryan said that once we create a domain name and form our website, we can not rename it.

I understand why we can not rename it, but I definitely felt more pressure in coming up with a name even more. So as everyone is going through the process of creating their own website, I am here writing this blog post instead. Hopefully before the end of the day, I will come up with a domain name *crosses fingers*. Good Luck Everyone!

One thought on “A Domain Name You Say…”

  1. HA! This is one of my favorite GIFs of the pres. :))) Hang in there, a domain name will come to you! We can work on it here if you wish? Perhaps brainstorming a list of words together?

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