Colorful Wedding!!!!!!!!!!!

Who’s not excited about getting married? Most of us would be thrilled about wedding ceremony.  Wedding is one of the most important events in life of a person.

Many couples believe that wedding is sealed in heaven. With this kind of belief, many couples, especially the religious members of the community give more emphasis on marriage. However, so many things happens in this wedding party. some things that are emotional, funny, and embarrassing too…..

No one wants to bore in their wedding party. Many fun events have driven in this party. songs, comedy shows, and even couples are could be main characters for entertaining of guests.


A dream comes true. Girls would prefer of her weddings  ceremonies could best and memorable someday. That is their dream that would come true. Wedding is one of the most cherished dreams to many grown up women and even to men.

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It’s fun, joy, bonding and heavenly feeling to have wedding ceremony.  The bride and groom to appear at their perfect attire including the arrangement, decoration and desire the best foods to be served at the reception tables.

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