It’s Lit !

So this week we began watching tutorials for Photoshop. The original tutorial we watched showed how to create animated photos. I’m not really interested in learning to do this so I suffered to sit through the majority of the tutorial this past weekend.

I am VERY interested in learning to edit photos on Photoshop though. I found a tutorial that teaches beginners to learn the basic and most used tools. Check it out:

So after watching this tutorial, I worked on practicing one of the skills: Removing a person or object from the photo.  Here is the original

and here is the the photo that I edited: 

As you can see, I totally removed the little girl in the orange shirt. It looks like she was never there ! I even got rid of her shadow ! I am so excited. I’m def about to go remove my ex out a few photos that I liked ! Haha !

I plan to continue learning the photo editing skills available on photoshop! More to come !

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