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The way I got my name I think it’s kind of funny. My mom named me after the boxer  Evander Holyfield. I remember she told me she gotthe name when he was having a big fight and he won. But its actually more to the story. I have a twin sister and a older brother. I’m the youngest. My mom and dad wanted one T name and two E names. My mom name is Tuashawn so they name my brother Travis. My dad name is Eric so they named my sister Erica and they wasn’t sure what to name me. Of course I’d be the one who nobody knows what to name. When I was younger I didn’t always like my name because I felt like it was just so different and nobody could EVER pronounce it the correct way. I’d get called things like Avanda and Evonda. If you ask me, I don’t think its that difficult. It’s E-VAN-DUH. 6 letters , 3 syllables. As I got older I started to love it because it’s my name and the only name that I ever have. So I’m actually pretty thankful for my name because it fits me.

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