Here is the url for the assignment that caught my eye . The goal is to make a video where you appear in the same scene twice. Basically you should be able to speak to yourself in the same video . Once you accomplish that you can play two different roles. Imagine having a full conversation with yourself and then get to watch the whole thing over. I sill don’t know how to do this but professor showed me how to do something similar to this in picture form and I am here to share this with everyone


Try It Yourself

  •  take a picture in panorama  
  •  start from one side and tell someone to stand on the side you start
  • when you reach the middle freeze !
  • while your freeze ,tell the person to move to the other side but! (make sure the go around from behind you and not in front of the camera)

when they are on the opposite side where he/she started continue the same flow of the panorama

Here is the url of the second assignment i choose that seems a little easier to me. This is called”where my feet take me”. The point is to make a video where the camera is focused on your feet the whole time and just put a few clips together of where you went and what you did during the day.


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  1. Great job on this! Lets get YOUR panoramic picts posted next! :))

    I can show how to make a spliced video of images using a video editor like imovie in class.

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