Hey there, from your future self!

I chose to do the letter to my younger self.  I want to write to my teenage self because  when you’re a teen you are going through a lot of different things. It would have been nice to have someone knew exactly what you were going through.

Hey Pierre, its you from the future. No, this is not a prank its really me… Or you… I’m not sure how this time thing works. Anyway I hope today is one of your good days, if not hopefully this will make it better. I wanted to let you know that things do get better for you. It takes a little while but it happens. You’re not at your dream job yet but you’re well on your way! In the meantime, you’re going to have so much fun. You’re gonna go to your first concert… and its gonna be free! That’s right man, its going to be a bumpy ride but we are going to live it up. You still won’t make a ton of friends but that’s not your fault those kids are crazy. Most of them end up in jail anyway so there’s that. You will meet some kind genuine people. You will know when that happens so don’t try and rush that. Don’t worry so much and try to smile more. Stop saying that you don’t believe in fun and find something that you like and do that.  Anyway, I hope this letter finds you well. Don’t worry buddy, pretty soon we’ll meet up.

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