My Zelda Supercut Montage

I’m super excited for Breath Of The Wild, the newest Zelda game. I’m going to have in 4 days. In honor of my hype, I decided to make a video montage of every console Zelda game so far. I downloaded the video off video using and then trimmed them in Quick Time Player, finally I made the montage by importing the trimmed clips in IMovie. The series has grown so much and I hope to play each game one day. You can see how the game has evolved with advancing technology.

One thought on “My Zelda Supercut Montage”

  1. Great job on your first super cut montage! Make a few more! 🙂

    Did you mean for this bit of code to be below the video?
    Zelda Montage from Josh Samuel on Vimeo.

    if not, it looks like it may have been placed in the wrong spot, lets trouble shoot this.

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