Class Assignments

I think it’s great that we get to select some of our assignments. After checking out the DS106 Assignment Bank, I’ve settled down on two assignments.

The first assignment I’ve chosen is a visual assignment, Real Life Brady Brunch. I am certain that I could complete this assignment with skills that I already have. Every one with an Instagram should be a pro at making Pic Collages. I think this assignment will be fun because it’ll allow me to show off my friends and family. Also, I selected this assignment because I used to watch the Brady Brunch with my Grandmother ! Stay tuned for the final results.

The second assignment I picked is a video assignment, Video Double Vision. I have no idea how I could put this together but I think it’ll  be so cool. When I was younger and I learned that Lindsay Lohan played both characters in The Parent Trap, I was amazed. I would love to pull this off. I have no experience with video editing or filming so those are skills I would need to learn in order to successfully complete this assignment. I look forward to the challenge.


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  1. OK great! Looking forward to the outcomes! Feel free to post examples of inspiration here to give your readers a visual! Images go a long way in a blog post!

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