Blowing In The Wind

This week we learned how to animate a still image and adjust certain features to make it seem realistic. Before this class it was rare for me to use photoshop. The only Adobe application I would use on the regular was Lightroom. I did not use Photoshop because for some reason it seemed complicated and required a lot of time. When I would need to actually use Photoshop for something I was working on, I would tell my friend the idea I had for the image and ask him to make the adjustments in Photoshop. Upon seeing Week 4’s assignment Animated Graffiti I realized that I should no longer rely on him and learn how to use the Photoshop (since I plan on using it more frequently…eventually). What I used to think was difficult about using the program was the fact that you had to work with multiple layers, remember what layer you are on, moving the layers accordingly in the Layer Panel, and the fact that you can use a variety of tools just for one task (basically knowing the differences between the tools was annoying). For my animated image I decided to use one of my photos I had took awhile ago. The process was smooth up until I had to use the time frame panel. I was having difficulty while trying to move the leaves left to right. I kept using the move tool while in the time frame panel to do so, which lead to my previous images to be affected as well. It took some time for me to realize what was going on and the fact that I had to create separate layers distinguishing the left leaf from the right leaf. Below is my still image and the animated version.

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  1. Nice work man! You did a nice job with selecting an image to work with and then bringing it all to life via photoshop! Now you can animate anything static! Next week we will take one step further and remove the background leaves.

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