I’m The Prettiest Girl in the World

I love to look at myself and I think I am the prettiest girl ever. Usually, when I make statements like that it turns people off, making them think that I am conceded. That is a statement I necessarily do not mind because society is pretty inconsistent with their opinion of how people should view themselves. An example being ideas on body types. On one hand, you want me to be this healthy gym rat with a great body but on the other, you advertise the McDonald’s 2 for $2.50 meal.

This has left me with the idea that I probably should live the majority of my life to my own agenda when in comes to my appearance. When I was younger I really hated my hair and so did people around me. It was long and that was good but it was puffy and unruly and my mom hated to do it. So I permed my hair which is my biggest and only regret, even as an existentialist.

As I grew older I found put about the black is beauty movement (check my tumblr for more info “bantu-nots” #shamelessselfpromo). With that also followed my style, I started viewing myself as iconic. After that followed my ironic statements giving myself high regards for my looks and saying I’m the prettiest girl, and the more I said it the more I believe it. Don’t get me wrong, me saying I am the prettiest girl does not mean you cannot also be the prettiest girl. My acknowledgment of my beauty is not seen in the lack of your own. So even if you see me in the halls and think “She not all that” you have every right to have that opinion, it is your truth. Just know that in my opinion, I love the way I look.


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