Flexibility post #1

As I was scrolling on ds106 assignments, there was one assignment that really stood out to me. The person that inspires me the most is my older brother Travis. Travis is only 6 years older than me and I would say he’s doing pretty good for himself. Sometimes I say “I want to be just like you when I grow up”. Even though he get on my last nerve he’s somebody I can honestly look up too. Theres many reasons to why my brother inspires. One reason, is that he went to Queens college and received his Bachelor’s Degree and he’s working a job that he actually likes instead of doing because he has too. Also, Travis has a girlfriend named Jaida. Travis and Jaida are always leaving the county and taking trips. Travis, always pushes me to be a better person! That just shows me that when I get my Bachelor’s degree that I could work a job that I actually like and I could leave the county too. I mean who doesn’t like to take vacations? Travis also inspires me when it comes to basketball because we both play it. He’s actually pretty good and he always gives me tips on how I can improve my crossovers. Travis always says “you gotta turn your craft into cheddar” meaning whatever you do you have to perfect it!


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