This was hands down the hardest project in the sense attention to details. Practice and more practice the video was a big help because I would have been lost. Photoshop is a fun app to play around with but if you do not know what you are doing it can be very complicated. I love playing call of duty zombies this image down below is the newest map release I made the title move left to right and the entrance sign made it pop out. The lights in the back ground I was trying to make it move left to right like a light show. Finally the zombie I made it try to walk closer to the players. This project was fun I watched the video probably 30 times to fully understand it. I still need to work on my clone stamp tool I just cant seem the get a good grip on it to make the image clear.



One thought on “CALL OF DUTY ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Great work on this!! This is a great first iteration and you will only evolve forward from here! Looking forward seeing your work fast forward! Indeed it takes practice but as you do you build style and intuitive techniques.

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