This is my first GIF using Imgur

This is my first time using Imgur and making a GIF. I always see GIFs on social media but I didn’t think that I’ll be creating my own. My first GIF was made by copying and the videos URL from youtube and pasting it in Imgur. I think Imgur is a pretty cool tool. At first I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. Then I thought about Family Guy and how it always makes me laugh. Next I was thinking about a specific character, and Stewie came to my mind because he is my favorite. In my head, I was thinking that Stewie has a lot of funny moments. So I searched in youtube Stewie’s funny moments and it brought to this video. While I was watching the video, I really wasn’t looking for something specific, I just wanted something that could make me laugh, and this certain part of the video did. The funny thing that’s to me about the video is that Brian is trying go down the steps but Stewie wouldn’t let him by saying NO every time he is trying to pass.

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