Things that make me happy

First things first, is that my mom makes me extremely happy! Without her I wouldn’t even be here. My mom is like my best friend, even though she get on my nerves sometimes. I love her and wouldn’t trade her for the world. I’m beyond thankful for everything that she does for me. My mom also makes my happy because she the only person at times that I can ALWAYS count on. I’m just happy that I have her in my life and I wish she could stay forever.

 The second thing that makes me happy is money! I mean who doesn’t love money? Having a nice amount of money makes you feel good! One of the best feelings is to be be able to buy something you want at any time. I’m not saying that money is everything because it’s way more to life than money. Money is just a very useful recourse for everyone. The main reason why money make me happy is because when it’s my money I can do what I want with it and nobody could tell me anything. Being able to make and spend your own money has to one of the most greatest feelings and that makes me happy.

The third thing that makes me happy is clothes! Honestly, I love shopping and buying new clothes. The reason I chose the ” A Bathing Ape” Logo is because I like to wear bape and it makes me happy. Even though Bape’s clothing is a a little pricey its okay because sometimes you have to treat yourself! One thing about me is that I like to treat myself to nice things ad that makes happy. I love all kinds of clothing brands, I don’t really discriminate; but I have my favorites are H&M, Polo Ralph Lauren, Bape, and G-Star. I love H&M skinny jeans, buying their jeans makes me happy!

The fourth thing that makes me happy is basketball! Basketball is my favorite sport and I’ve been playing since I was a little kid. The reason why basketball makes me happy because to me it’s amazing the things you can do with a round bouncy ball. Also, basketball makes me happy because when I playing it nothing else matter but basketball, it’s like basketball puts me in another world.

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