Project ideas from DS106

I found many interesting posts from ds106 assignment repository. The two projects that interest me the mosts are Two minutes documentry and Cinemagraphs.  Both projects are very interesting to work on but also very challenging. Since I already know how to create GIF’s i think it will be very easy for me to work on Cinemagraphs, what i like most about this project is the illusion aspect of it.

For example

A viewer might confuse this Cinemagraphs for a video.

Some more interesting examples of Cinemagraphs

I don’t know how to do this but i would love to learn this kind of work

second project which interest me the most is the Two minutes documentary. The reason i like this post specifically because of Nifty by buzzed they create these short videos with background music that teach the viewer money saving hacks for upgrading their home and life, they make short videos for almost everything e.g Nifty science, Nifty Recipe.

These short videos deliver tons of information in a very short period which is very important because anything over a minute tends to loose interest of the viewer.


so something I would like to get started on first will be creating my first  Cinemagraphs .

So bring it on

2 thoughts on “Project ideas from DS106”

  1. Great work on this! I have no doubts that you will be rocking cinemagraphs right away! You have inspired me to also dig in to making a series, I will share my progress with you soon. Great work on hyperlinking to urls and also embedding the examples that you like!

    1. Thank you, Professor that means a lot to me, I think I think like Cinemagraphs more than GIFs. I look forward to seeing your work. This is going to be fun 🙂

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