My Feelings on my first Day of class

If you happen to know Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, or have seen any of the many episodes of his most watched and very funny sitcom “Mr Bean”, you would agree with me that he is one the most hilarious British comedian and actor the world has ever known that know very well how to express his emotions.

Confused “Mr Bean”

The picture above was a complete description of my reaction and how I felt on my first day in CT 101 (Digital StoryTelling.) class as a new transfer student. I was in a very confused state of mind and not knowing what to do and the challenges I will be confronting in the class, because this was my first ever class that had anything to do with Digital StoryTelling or Blogging.

“Mr Bean” Even more confused

At this very moment, I can Boldly say that the feeling is totally different opposite, because I am beginning to adapt and figure it out bit-by-bit.

It is now 4 weeks in and I already have about for Blogs published about some things that interest me. And you can take a few minutes and check it out.


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