My feelings on CT 101

When I first signed up for CT 101 I really didn’t know what to expect but was willing to give it a try. As the winter break ended and the spring semester started I still wasn’t particularly excited to start the class but I wasn’t totally disinterested either I was just sort of  ↓

However once I heard Professor Ryan start speaking about having the leeway and freedom choose what we do for our assignments I started to perk up a bit. However I was a bit skeptical that it was too good to be true, especially when he started talking about the pointlessness of making students buy overpriced textbooks,  and started to read the syllabus like ↓

This Is Suspicious

Soon I realized that Professor Ryan was 100% serious and as he continued to talk and I knew that I was going to love coming to CT 101. After hearing what the semester entails and what skill sets i’ll learn in this class, by the end of the first class I was like ↓


I can’t wait to see how the rest of the semester plays out.


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